Robert Palano’s Contributions Support Tampa Bay’s At-Risk Population

Robert Palano, a successful business consultant, supports Van Dyke United Methodist church out of a commitment to growing a healthy community. The Church undertakes various activities that support the needs of the Tampa Bay community. Activities include providing the homeless population with food and shelter.

Van Dyke United Methodist Church works with Religious Community Services, Inc. (RCS), an organization that helps homeless individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency. Volunteers from the Church provide administrative assistance, help with food stocking and storing, perform essential tasks at the RCS thrift store, and support the organization in other ways. Through this program, church volunteers touch the lives of at-risk citizens throughout Tampa.

The Church supports other area charities, such as Hope’s Children, Abe Brown Ministries, and Metropolitan Ministries. Through the regular contributions of caring supporters, such Robert Palano, Van Dyke United Methodist Church provides compassionate support to Tampa’s most vulnerable citizens.

Robert Palano Supports Christian Outreach in Asia

Business Consultant Robert Palano demonstrates his commitment to fostering spiritual growth by supporting Love Joy Church, a Pentecostal/Charismatic congregation based in Lancaster, NY. The Church maintains a strong program of ministerial outreach, which touches the lives of many people. Its missions spread spiritual messages to students on college campuses in Asia.

Love Joy Church participates in Campus Target, a mission program that sends young men and women to select colleges in Asia for at least one year. The Campus Target organization focuses on Asia, since the region is experiencing great economic expansion. By focusing on college-age youth, Campus Target hopes to instill stronger spiritual values in tomorrow’s leaders and shape future political and religious policies.

Through this program, Love Joy Church spreads Christian teachings in a growing world region. Thanks to the dedicated support of contributors like Robert Palano, the Church’s international ministry program has continued to grow and thrive.